Angelika Mellema PH.D., RP

Registered Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst

Life doesn’t need
   to be this hard
Angelika Mellema, PH.D., RP, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis Angelika Mellema, PH.D., RP, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Angelika Mellema PH.D., RP, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

As we go through life we may encounter stumbling blocks that can make us feel unhappy or stressed, such as crises, losses, illnesses, conflicts, crossroads or life changes. Without knowing the cause, we may feel anxious, panicked, worthless, sad, hopeless, insecure, burned out, empty, stressed, angry or unable to enjoy life.

We may react in an emotionally or behaviorally volatile manner. Perhaps we engage in repetitive behaviors and ruminative thoughts, or avoid social contact. We may have difficulty or feel trapped in our relationship, work, or physical symptoms without seeing a way out. Or, we may simply want to know ourselves better or feel more alive.

Family or friends may be there to help or offer a listening ear, but this may not make an ongoing difference in how we feel or relate. We may feel alone and think there is nobody to turn to. We may resort to food, drugs, alcohol, or other solutions that might make us feel better in the short run, but do not yield an actual solution to the problem or deeper issue we are trying to get away from.

Psychotherapy is a treatment that seeks to alleviate psychological suffering in the context of a positive working relationship. It provides an opportunity to look at one’s inner and outer ways of being, or “automatic” ways of operating to create greater self-understanding and clarity, develop more effective approaches, and thereby improve one’s quality of life and feel better about oneself.

There is no magic pill or magic cure. Sometimes issues can be resolved in one or only a few sessions, and sometimes psychotherapy takes a long time.

Please refer to the following services page for a more in depth look at my approach and issues that can be helped. I am happy to answer questions by phone, video call, or meet with you in person to explore how I can best help you. I also offer online/telephone counseling for expatriates overseas.



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